Hello lovely readers!
I know I’ve been a little MIA this week. I had planned on writing a blog post everyday this week but I’ve been kinda freaking out all week. I didn’t really realize how much I was stressing until today when I broke down a little. First of all, I have an on-call shift at work on Friday and my family is supposed to leave town for my step-sister’s wedding. So I’ll probably end up having to drive by myself in a busy city. I’ll also be starting school soon so I’ve been trying to figure out how often to blog, if my roommates and me will get along, what I’m going to do for a car after school starts since I’m working on weekends.
I know there a lot of bloggers that are posting about the same thing and I hope you understand. I wont stop blogging! I have too much fun interacting with everyone. I think either 2 or 3 times a week? What do you think?
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