Okay so it might not be a lot of giveaways but I am giving away prizes in 2 different ones. That’s kind of a lit right? lol. One of them is over at Newlywed Moments! He name is also Emily so she has to be awesome! Over there I’m giving a printmaking print like you saw in one of my previous posts. I will be mailing the actual print instead of a digital file so it will include a little personalized note and maybe some other random awesome things i decide to include. You could also have a chance to win a $5 or $10 Starbucks Gift Card or a $50 Sephora Gift Card. I sponsored Emily last month and had a great time working with her. I really hope I can get to work with her a lot and get to know her. I really recommend sponsoring her! You will have a blast. 
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Another giveaway I am participating in is k&camera’s 300 followers giveaway. I’m giving away a large ad space and another printmaking print. There are also a bunch of other awesome prizes you could win including more ad spaces, Starbucks gift cards and some blog bling! Kylie is also super nice and fun to work with! I found her blog around the time I first started blogging.
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I also went to the Alex Goot concert on Dec. 1st, which was so much fun. I wish I would have brought my camera so I could have taken a lot more pictures but I just got two kinda crappy ones on my phone with Luke and Ingrid. I was still soooo excited I got to meet them because it’s been something I’ve hoped would happen some day lol.
Luke Conard (Vlog Channel / Music Channel)
Also I am pretty much officially done with another semester. I have one class to go to tomorrow but I doubt I’ll be there long. For the Italy trip, we need only 2 more people but they said they might even let us go with 10 people. The deadline is on Friday so I will let you know what happens with that. I planned on doing my AE jeans DIY today but of course I forgot the jeans in my dorm. So you should see that post on Thursday.
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