One thing that’s been on my mind a lot lately is moving out and having to find a job. I started to look online for different jobs and it’s just making me stress about it. I just don’t know when I should start looking and how/where to look. 
I’ve started making a list of some companies I’d like to work with and even found out one of them is hiring a Graphic Designer. I’m just worried they are going to want someone before the end of June when I get back from Italy. I’m sure these are just normal things people worry about when they are so close to graduating. The worst part is the more I think about what to write in this post, the more I’m starting to freak out! Also most people will have graduated and found a job by the time I’m back from Italy. Will people be willing to hire me if I can’t start when others can?
I’m so excited to move out and everything but I’m so worried about not having enough money to do it! It is my dream to move to New York but I know it’s super expensive to live there. Plus I don’t have a job right now and I can’t really save money. I don’t have a car so it’s hard to look for a job and know I’ll be able to get there! Ahhhhhh!
Ok, I just need to think about how I’ll be in Italy soon and will be able to see this amazing view in person! Now I’m feeling a little better…. I will find a job… and I’ll be able to move out… and it will be amazing! I used to always think everything bad always happened to me and nothing good would ever happen but I AM GOING TO ITALY and I’ll be living there in a month. I just need to be more patient and try to enjoy things more! <3
I would love to hear when all of you think is the best time to start applying. And give me any advice! Anyone else graduating soon and starting to freak out like me?
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