Hey everyone! I have officially started putting up my new blog design. I’ve also finally put up my design services page and I plan on making a Storenvy to sell some premade buttons and stuff like that. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now but I never thought it would be possible. For my design services I really want to make it affordable for everyone. I don’t want to just do everything for free because it’s what I’m going to do but I want to make sure you can have a blog designed how you want it without it being too expensive.
Also as you know I started classes last week! This series is called design diary but I haven’t really shared some of my designs with you. So now that I’ll be doing graphic design projects I’ll be sharing them with you and talking to you about the project I struggled with.
On youtube, one of my favorite beauty gurus did this DIY or as she calls them GIYs. I was really inspired buy how easy and simple it was and I really want to come up with DIYs that are simple like this one.
This month I’ll also be participating in Shaytember. It’s a thing that Shay Carl is doing on youtube where here has goals he wants to achieve in the month of September. He will show you how he achieves each goal during the month and helping you achieve the goals you want to do. My 3 goals are to eat healthier & exercise, work on growing my blog, and to step out of my comfort zone! I found this quote the other day that I put up in the living room of my dorm room that says, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” If you have any goals that you’ve had trouble actually accomplishing you should follow along with him and all of his followers and maybe it will help you actually do it!
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