For my pinhole portfolio I decided to do Self-Portrait. Most of the images were taking on the balcony in my dorm room.  A lot of them look a little dusty from traveling home yesterday. But I will admit some of them are just because the negatives were dirty or scratched. I’ve always had a problem with keeping them clean even when I used negative carriers. 
First I’ll start off showing you the camera I used for all of them. It’s made out of wood with foam on the inside to make it light tight. To take a picture, you have to use a 4×5 negative carrier which we borrowed from our teacher and had to return so I don’t have them anymore. 
Here is the front of the camera, with the “shutter” that I made out of matte board. You just take it off to expose the film and them put it back on. And yes, I did decorate my camera! What kind of art student would I be if I just left it plain & have the wood showing? Haha. 
 Here’s the back of the camera! If you are wondering how in the world this odd looking box take pictures, don’t ask me. I still don’t really understand exactly how it does it. I do know that it has to do with light and when you do expose it, the image is taken upside down. I just know it works and that is ok with me! 🙂
One of my favorite things about the pinhole camera is being able to double expose the film. On this one I took one picture of the side of my dorm building and then turned it to take a picture of me.
I did that same thing with this one except I took a picture of a bridge on campus.
This one was supposed to be a more artsy picture where I took some white pearl paint and put a hand print over my mouth. Because the exposure is somewhat long I couldn’t stay perfectly still long enough.
One of my favorite images! We talked about everyones portfolio on the last day of class and a lot of people were very shocked this was me. I love how it looks like I have very defined cheekbones!
This one is just me laying in my yard at home.
For this one, I loved my arms every 10 seconds hoping it would look like I have a bunch of arms but instead it just looks like I don’t have any arms. I still think it turned out really cool.
This one was inspired by a photo on pinterest where a girl was covering her face but you can still see her face through her hands.
Just me closing my eyes.
This one I wanted to make it look like I was a ghost so you could barely see me.
This one is another one of my favorites! I layed down on my balcony (you can see the tripod legs) and kept my eyes open for 30 seconds and then kept them closed for 30.
This one is just me reading a book. I love how skinny I look and then my legs are huge. Thats one of the cool things about pinhole because every thing gets distorted because there isn’t a lens.
And the last one, I just turned my head every 10 seconds. If you look closely you can see my ear right under my eye.
I hope you enjoyed my portfolio. It was a lot of fun building the cameras in class and seeing how the picture turned out. If you are into photography I really recommend you try and do some pinhole images! They are a lot of fun to do! I feel like these pictures show a different side of me that not everyone gets to see. I’m normally a really shy person and I don’t like being in front of a camera.
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