I went to be early last night because I had a presentation at 8:30am and at about 2am I woke up and was confused because it looked different than it usually does at night. Then after a little while I finally realized it was darker than normal, I looked at my alarm clock and it wasn’t lit up. After figuring out why it looked so different I fell back asleep. A few hours later, I woke up to the bathroom vent being turned on. It turns out that whenever the generator for the dorm rooms come back on it makes the vent start up. When I woke up at 7:00am the power was off again and I just decided to get ready just in case I did still have my presentation. Fifteen minutes later the power came back and then I waited until my class started. I was so glad I started using my phone as my alarm otherwise I might not have gotten up. I’m still not sure if the whole school didn’t have power or if it was just the dorm rooms because I would think they would have cancelled school if the whole schools power went off. Anyway I’m glad the night was over with and that my presentation is finally done! 🙂
I also thought I would tell you about the pinhole photography class I am taking this semester. In the class we build cameras out of ordinary items and then use either film or photography paper to take pictures. The first camera we made all we needed was a film container and then we just had to poke a hole into it with a push pin. Then we put a piece of paper into it in the dark room and cover the hole until we find what we want to take a picture of.
Here’s the negative from the film container camera:
Here is the positive:
I don’t have the real positive but I just inverted it on photoshop and it pretty much looks the same. One thing you have trouble with is lining up because there is no way to see exactly where the whole is pointing. If you can’t tell, its a picture of a glue stick on a table.
The next cameras we made were both out of oatmeal containers. One of them we had to cut in half. I would show you a picture of the actual cameras but the teacher collects them and we haven’t gotten them back yet.
Here are the negatives from the oatmeal containers:
Here are the positives:
I hope you enjoyed! Let me know if you would like to see more of my pinhole images! These are only the first two assignments!
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