One thing I haven’t really done with my design diaries is truly open up and share my feelings with all of you that read my blog. That was one of my main things I wanted to share in the series. It’s currently 1:23am and I was laying in bed ready to go to sleep for the night but my mind just kept churning. I really just couldn’t stop thinking about certain things and then I realized why not write a post to help clear my head and let my readers get to know a little more about me and why I am who I am.
As you may know, I recently just got my first job and my license. It isn’t really something normal for a 20 year old college junior but I have always been a very shy/quiet person. I also very severely have social anxiety that has held me back a lot. I think I was mostly just scared to be independent and break away from my mom and dad. After I graduated high school and started college, I tried a little to work at getting a job and my license. In my sophomore and junior year in college, I tried a lot more to work at those 2 things and it seemed like I always failed. I kept getting rejected from any job I applied to and started to feel like I would never get a job or my license.
It wasn’t until this year that I was determined to change both of those things. I would come home almost every weekend from college to practice driving and I applied to different places. I was also looking for an internship which I did blog about a lot but I didn’t really hear back from any of them. I got an email about setting up a phone interview for a small company in Michigan but they never called. I did get an online internship but they only gave me one project and I never heard from them again. Another company even had me design something for their website to see if I was good enough to intern for them. They said it wasn’t what they were looking for and that was that.
Once the school year was over, I finally got my license and found a job. I feel a lot more free and excited for what else is going to happen this year now that I finally did it. I just want to accomplish everything I’ve ever dreamed of and be able to go by myself depending on someone else as much. I really just want to go on and on about more things but I think I’ll save it for my next post. 
Next time, I think I’ll start confessing a little about my experiences with friends and being shy. I really hope you enjoyed getting to hear my feelings and I can’t wait to share more. I think this year will be really awesome, unlike my first 20 years…more about that later. Haha 🙂
Until next time,
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