One thing I have been noticing it I haven’t been getting a lot of comments lately! I’ve even tried to ask questions at the end of every post to see if that makes people want to comment. I really appreciate what you have to say and I hope you enjoy reading my posts enough to want to comment. Please let me know if you aren’t enjoying my posts! I’ve been trying hard to post things I think you would all enjoy. You should start seeing a Design Diary every Thursday and a DIY, Tips, recipes, hair/beauty tutorials, and things like that on Tuesdays. I’ll have 2 weeks of class next week so I’ll have even more time and be able to put even more thought into my posts.
I have an addiction! I am obsessed with Spool no. 72 and no they didn’t ask me to write about their clothing. I just wanted to share my obsession and see if anyone else was as obsessed as I am. All their clothes are so pretty and every time I go on the website I want to buy everything on the site. If only I had any money right now, but unfortunately I’m still a poor college student. Someday I will have one of the pretty dresses or tops in my closet. 
Right now I’m stuck with 30 dollars in my savings and 8 in checking! It’s hard to save when you have to keep buying groceries and you only work on weekends. I’m hoping over Christmas break I’ll be able to save up some money. I still have no clue what do do for Christmas presents! I’ll probably turn to pinterest and find some crafts/diys to make with things I have! If anyone has anything they are making or any ideas let me know!
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