After moving back home from my dorm this week, I have been trying to organize my room. I decided to paint my plastic storage containers to add more color to my room and also so I can store my underwear and things I don’t really want everyone to see. (I don’t have a dresser in my room at home) Right now it looks like a tornado went through my room. In between painting, I attempted to clean/organize. I haven’t gotten very far yet. 
Tape off the bin if you want to use 2 different colors. I just used my cheap white paint I got for one of my school projects a while ago and then used one of my favorite colors right now. 
I painted the turquoise color first because the color was less opaque and if I messed up painting the white it wouldn’t show through. It took 2 coats & some touch ups for the turquoise & 4 coats for the white. Also make sure you paint the inside of the drawer because it  looks nicer!
After I finished all of the coats and they were all dry, I covered the areas I painted with mod podge. This was just so the paint wouldn’t chip off as easily because it’s painted on plastic.  
Then I decided to do my mini drawers that I store my makeup in.
 This one doesn’t look as neat because it was hard to paint just the oval. You can take a paper clip and scratch off the paint around the edges. I’ll do this after the mod podge dries completely. 
I might even end up putting white on the rest of the drawers, I haven’t decided yet.
1. Use a foam paint brush and dab the paint on after the first layer.
2. Try finding some paint that is made for plastic (I just didn’t have time to go buy some paint.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! 
I plan on doing a lot of tutorials to help decorate a room because I’m getting an apartment with some of my friends next year!
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