I started saving my glass bottles from the Target coffee drinks.
They are super yummy and are a lot like the Starbucks frappuccino drinks you can buy in stores but they are only 100 calories. My favorite ones are the vanilla caramel ones! They are super yummy!
Anyways, back to the DIY. If you have been reading my last couple blogs you know I’ve been trying to organize my room after moving out of my dorm. There’s still a lot of stuff all over my floor but it is looking a lot better than it did a few weeks ago. I decided to decorate the bottles I saved to store different things in. I had some left over paint from my sculpture class (I still don’t have the sculptures back. The one is kinda creepy because its of me with a cat on the back of my head so it might be a good thing haha). 
First I took some white primer spray paint and painted them so it didn’t take as much of the copper spray paint.
Then I just sprayed the copper color on! It looks so much prettier in the sun than it does inside!
Then I just took some puffy paint and started decorating. My hand started cramping after a while! I think if I were to make these again I would buy some of the paint markers. I like how they turned out but they would probably be a lot easier to work with.
I would really love to do another makeup or hair tutorial this week! Wednesday I will have an individual guest post from Bear Rabbit Bear and hopefully one another beauty post on Friday! Let me know if there are anyone you would like to see me try to replicate!
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