My version of the AE jeans for less.
 Jeans :: $15
Fabric Paint :: $1.50
Fabric Dye :: $8 & you don’t use all of it!
Bleach :: Free because I already had some lol
Total :: $24.50
The American Eagle Version :: $50
Step One
Bleach your jeans

There isn’t really a specific time to bleach them, it depends on how dark or light your jeans are. Make sure you use brand name bleach because when I did it with the cheap bleach it barely did anything. Then I just got a bucket filled it up halfway with warm water and then dumped some bleach in. There’s probably a ratio out there somewhere but I just kinda of winged it. Before the next step, wash your jeans!

Step Two
Dye your jeans

I just used the same bucket and then followed the dircections on the Rit bottle. The purple didn’t go one perfect, there were some spots that are still blue and some that is brighter but I kinda like it! 🙂 I would wash the jeans again because the dye might end up turning the spots pinkish if you don’t.

Step Three
Mark where the Polka Dots will go.

 I did mine 2 inches away from each other. They aren’t in perfectly straight line because I thought it made them more interesting!

Once I got to the bottom, I decided to make them one inch apart. Once I started stamping the dots on, I did one side of a leg and waited until it was dry and did it four different times to finish them.

 I used the smallest one in this pack, I figured I’d find another use for them in the future.

In Ingrid / MissGlamorazzi’s “Glam it Yourself” as she calls them, she used a punch and punched the shapes into note cards. If you had some thin plastic you could probably use it over and over a gain as long as you wipe the bottom off so it doesn’t bleed.

I’m definitely going to try this out in the future, I think they turned out cute. I started my jeans before I saw this and I thought it was kinda funny that they were kinda similar. 

The part that takes the longest is stamping them on because there are so many dots! I recommend watching one of your favorite shows while doing it so you don’t get as annoyed! I went back and forth from Charmed and Ghost Whisperer!

I really liked how they turned out, the only problem is they are really tight! I guess I should have tried them on before I did the tutorial. I might have to find ways to stretch them out.

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