One thing that bothers me the most about college dorms is how plain and white they are. My room at home and every other room in the house have color (besides the hallways). So it’s a big change every fall when I move into a dorm, especially since my room is hot pink! 
I always feel more at home after I decorate my room and make it a little more personal. Here are some things that I’ve come up with as well as some things found on pinterest.
1:: Buy a Lamp Shade
Most dorms have a plain lamp shade, just get a cheap one and find any lamp tutorial on pinterest. Make sure you check if your dorm has a lamp or not!
2:: Pillows
Get a bunch of pillows to either put on your couch if you have one or you can put them onto your bed and make it look like a sofa.

3:: Add Curtains

One thing I’ve always wanted to do in my dorm is add curtains on the windows and I was thinking, why not just use some command strips and rope or wire to hang them.

4:: Under your Bed Storage

Put your bed up as high as it can go so you can put storage under your bed. If you are short like me just get one of those stools to help you get up. The beds at my school weren’t tall enough so I had my dad make some things to put under the bed to make my dresser fit.

4:: Fake wall paper

These people used wrapping paper as wall paper for their dorm! So clever!

I’ll be sharing more ideas next Friday! Once I move in I’ll show you the process of me decorating my dorm. 🙂

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