This post is sponsored by Lindt & Linqia, all opinions are my own & I truly love every product shared!

Today is all about some of my favorite things lately they don’t all have to do with fall, they’re things I’ll use year round but every thing is amazing!

1:: Jamberry
I’ve been part of the Jamberry team for a month now and I haven’t found anything I don’t like about it! All the patterns are so much fun and I have not picked it off once unless it was already coming off.
2:: Soap & Glory Hand Food
This is my favorite hand cream! I had only bought the mini travel size until recently when my lotion ran out. 
3:: Orofluido Beauty Elixer
I got a sample of this in my Birchbox a really long time ago. I decided to buy the full size in April because the tiny sample lasted so long plus it smelled amazing! I’ve been using it after my shower since then and you can see how little is gone! 
4:: Gilmore Girls on Netflix
I had only watched 1 episode until today I’ve been having a little marathon! I’ve been working on this posts while watching which has been making it take a little longer than usual. Every time the theme comes on I start singing it. We shall see how long it takes me to watch the whole series.

5:: Lindt Hello Chocolate
Last but not least the new chocolate by Lindt called Hello.  This is a sponsored post but it would have ended up in my favorites at some point. I tried the Salted Carmel bar when I first saw it in target a while ago and it was amazing! I loved the salted carmel hot chocolate from Starbucks last year (this year I tried the Mocha version) so I knew it would be delicious. 

There are also flavors like Strawberry Cheesecake, Carmel Brownie and Cookies & Creme, all amazing! I really wasn’t sure about the Strawberry Cheesecake but I like it better than the bars because there’s more filling. I’m definitely going to get the other 2 in stick form next time (or the mini-stick assortment). The store I went to only had those 3 flavors otherwise I would have bought so much more!

Lindt is also doing a sweepstakes with a bunch of amazing prizes, I’d love to have one of you win! To enter the sweepstakes, visit the Lindt HELLO Sweet Connections Sweepstakes Landing Page and enter your email address. Entries can be made daily for additional chances to win!

What are some of your favorite things this fall?
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