Here are a few of my favorite things from the month of February. There’s not a lot here, but I wasn’t sure exactly what to include. Maybe next month I’ll add in some beauty products and food if I have any. This was kind of a last minute post idea so I didn’t write down anything I loved.

I’D RATHER BE WATCHING GILMORE GIRLS – I’m absolutely in love with this sweatshirt from Arsenic and Lace! It’s the comfiest sweatshirt I’ve ever owned. If I can see this sweatshirt at all in the morning, I think about wearing it and try and figure out how long it’s been since I last wore it. I’m pretty sure I’d end up wearing it every day if it was socially acceptable.


PARENTHOOD – Basically, I saw that the series finale aired and decided to finally watch the show. I love Gilmore Girls, so the fact that Lauren Graham was in it definitely convinced me to watch. I really like it so far, I’m at the beginning of season 2. 
BROADCHURCH – I only watched the first episode of Gracepoint when it first aired on TV and I knew that this was the original version so I randomly watched it one weekend and finished it in 2 days. Now before you get all shocked, it is only 8 episodes long. I thought it was an amazing show and I never suspected the killer one bit! One think I don’t understand is why they remade the show in the US? I didn’t watch that whole season, but the first episode was almost exactly the same!

THE LAST FIVE YEARS – I was super excited about this movie when I first saw the trailer, it had Anna Kendrick who I love and Jeremy Jordan from Smash, who was the only reason I watched the second season. I’d planned on seeing it in theaters but then I found out is was not showing anywhere in Michigan! Then I saw it was on Amazon so I finally got to watch it! It’s definitely not a super happy movie, the whole movie is about how their marriage fell apart. I still thought it was an amazing story though! WARNING: The whole movie is in song, if you don’t like musicals you probably shouldn’t watch this. 

XO SARAH – I’ve been following Sarah for a long time. Her blog is basically all about quitting your day job and starting your own business. I’m also currently taking her Badass Babes Blog Course and I’ve learned so much in a short amount of time!

JACLYN HILL – As I mentioned in my March goals post, I’ve been loving Jaclyn Hill! Something about her videos and personality just made me like her automatically. Plus you can really tell that she knows what she is talking about. After watching just 2 videos, there were 2 things I was convinced I needed (one is the incentive for completing my March goals!).

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