Last year I created a printable, that basically matched my blog design. This year I decided to make one that

The Planner Includes:

1. Twelve Month Calendar – I use it to write all my posts for the month.
2. Blog Statistics – Put your stats for the first of the year and last day of the year. It also has monthly stats which you can either do at the end of the beginning of the month.
3. Blog Post Ideas – Whenever I think of a new post idea, I write it down or put it in my phone, now there’s a place to keep them when you plan you posts. 
4. Blog Income & Expenses – I’ve never really kept track of my expenses before besides knowing I’m not over the $600 earnings that I have to file taxes. This year I want to keep track of it better. 
5. 2015 Blog Goals – Keep track of all your blogging goals for the year so you know when you’ve completed them. 
6. Sponsors Tracker – Keep track of their information and the things you need to do for their spot. 
7. Blogs to Sponsor – I like writing down some of the people I’d like to sponsor. If I see someone but have already spent my sponsor budget for the month, then I can remember for the future. 
8. Weekly to Do List – Keep track of the things you need to do for all your posts for the week including photos you need to take and posts you need to write. 
9. Year in Review – This one might be useless to everyone but me. I was going to write a post like this with each month but couldn’t really remember what or when I did everything. This year I will make sure to have enough information. 

Don’t See something you need? Let me know & I’ll add it to the file!


Want a custom planner to match your blog and have your own pages created? Email me and you can get one for $10!
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