Most of you know by now that I am officially done with college and still don’t have a job. I decided to do 4 free blog makeovers to get myself out there! I’m going to be putting some blog templates into my shop and I need some examples of custom ones! I did this before where I gave them away to any one if they commented but all of them ended up not getting used! So this time I’m going to set a few rules!

What the Makeover Includes:

  • A design of anything that can be seen on your blog.
  • Banner, Social Media Buttons, Nav Bar, etc.
  • 4 Sponsorship Buttons in different sizes that will be displayed on other Blogs
  • Anything designed for other social media sites are not included
  • A button on your site linking back to me (will not be huge just a small button that say it was designed by me that matches your design)

The Rules!
1:: You must have at least 100 followers. If you don’t anymore because of GFC shutting down you just need 100 followers on one of your social media sites.
2:: You must have been blogging for 3 months and have 50 posts. If you have been blogging for less time then that, just promise that you have no intention to stop for a year. You still should have quite a few posts!
3:: Your blog must be public! I would like to be able to share your blog link with others to show off my design. If it’s not public they wont be able to see it!
4:: Fill out this Google Form! The first four I get will get the makeover as long as you a follow my requirements.

Your design will be custom and not be sold in my shop as a template. It will be used as an example of a custom design but you wont see a blog that looks exactly like yours.  If you stop blogging, I may end up using your custom design as a template in my design shop. A blogging break doesn’t count of course, I do understand that people need vacations!
There are only 2 rules but are both very important because I want to make sure that the people that get the makeovers appreciate them! I’m not trying to be picky, I just want to make sure the designs get used. I hope you understand why I am being more picky with who I choose for the makeovers this time around. 

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