Dear Hair, With all these rat’s nests that take a half hour to brush out, I’m seriously considering chopping you off. Dear, Thank you for helping me make some new friends. It’s been a while since I had that much fun. Dear Blogcation, Why do you have to be a year away? The trip is going to be amazing and I’m very impatient. Dear Winter, I’m really missing Spring so it would be really nice if you would just leave and send her back instead. Dear Bloggers, Please move to Michigan, I hear about so many meet ups and would love to make some real life blogging friends. Dear Psych, Why do you have to end in 4 weeks? Also why is the last episode called The Breakup? Don’t make it a sad or terrible ending. Dear Gmail, Why can’t I switch between both my accounts? Dear Italy, I really miss you, I’ve had so many strange dreams about going back. Most of them have to do with gelato, it’s really not helping my craving.
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