As many of you know, I spent a month in Italy studying abroad for my last semester! If you are new and interested in reading about my experience, click here. The past month, I have been craving gelato! I’ve tried the Haagen Dazs and a few other brands but they just aren’t the same! They don’t have the same flavors as they do in Italy!

My very first gelato!

I’ve even been having dreams about going back to Italy just to get some gelato. In the most recent one, I was in some weird garden and then magically appeared in a Gelato shop and was standing in line with everyone that went on the trip. I’m pretty sure I’ve never wanted a food so bad that I dreamed about it until now. I guess that’s what happens when you have it almost everyday for a month!

My all time favorite is strawberry and when I finally get my gelato thats the flavor I’m going to get. And I’ll be very upset if they don’t have it! 😛

One of the last gelato’s I had!

I’ve been looking for places around town so I can stop having weird dreams about it. I think I might finally have some this weekend! Fingers crossed! Have you ever dreamed about food?

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