Hey guys! I have been trying to decide weather or not I should blog during my trip to Italy and I’ve decided I’m not going to. I will have at least one post each week that I will write before I go. I would also like to have a few guest bloggers posting while I’m gone. So if you are interested please feel free to email me!

Also, so you can get updates from me while I’m there I decided to do a newsletter that I’ll set up so I can just plug some info in and add some photos so you can see what I’m doing. I’ll probably even do a video of my apartment I’ll be living in for a month! I know a lot of my family will want to see the apartment so it would probably be easier than having to show them every time lol.

Everyone I’ve talked to keeps saying I’ll have the time of my life so I want to be able to enjoy it instead of blogging during all my free time. I hope you all understand that! I will still be tweeting and posting on instagram a lot so don’t worry about that! 🙂

Here is a QR code to sign up for the newsletter:
I’ve always thought they were kinda cool! hehe. If you don’t have a smrt phone like me, here is the link: http://eepurl.com/sVd8P
I know I say this all the time but sorry I haven’t posted for a week. I’ve been having trouble balancing blogging and school at the same time. This semester is 10 times busier than last semester! I’m on spring break all week and I’ll be trying to figure out how to fit everything in. 
I did try making a schedule where I had a fixed time I blogged everyday but because it wasn’t out in the open I didn’t follow it. So I’m going to try again! I’ll probably use my iPod touch, which I use everyday. If anyone has any good scheduling apps you use please let me know!
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