I’ve been thinking a lot about if what I’m doing after college is similar to what everyone else goes through! I found a few articles on it but they are all the normal steps for grieving. Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance. Here’s one of them from HerCampus! This is how I’ve been dealing with being done with college!

1:: Excitement
I know for a fact that my first thought after being done was excited! I’m never going to do homework or write an annoying paper that I know will never be used. Not having to sit in another classroom counting down till the class is over! I’m pretty sure for me this lasted for 2 weeks. 

2:: Boredom
You’ve been done for a while now, sitting in front of a computer filling out way too many applications. I don’t even know how many places I’ve applied to anymore. I tried keeping track but it just gets to be too many and they all run together. 

3:: Worry
Worried that you’ll never find a job or move out of your parents house. I know I definitely went through this. I spent half of July & August filling out applications and didn’t get a response to a single one.

4:: Loneliness 
All my friends are now too far away and I have no one to hang out with anymore. My best friend just moved to Arkansas. All my friends from college don’t live close to me.

5:: Hope
I now have 2 possible jobs I could get, I don’t know for sure weather I’ll get them or not yet but I am hopeful I’ll have a job soon. Even if I don’t get either of those I still am sure that I’ll get another opportunity soon.

I tried to find other photos of me that represented these feelings but couldn’t really find any so I decided to use a couple Psych GIFs to go along with it! If you finished school recently what have your stages been?

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