Hey everyone! Today is a guest post from The Frugal Foodie Mama! She is going to share how she organized her bathroom drawer with you. I hope you enjoy!
Okay, so this WAS my bathroom drawer.  Total. Flipping. Chaos. Right? I would get SO frustrated every morning when I was trying to get ready….
Where is my concealer?
Ugh… what happened to my brown headband I like?
The toothpaste is in here somewhere, right??

I finally decided that enough was enough.  Armed with some Pinterest inspired ammo, I finally tackled that bathroom drawer into submission. 😉
I first had to decide what really needed to be in that bathroom drawer.  Did I really need to have the razor blades in there that I change out every 3 weeks or so?  No.  Was it necessary to have that sparkly lotion that I probably hadn’t worn in months in there?  Not really.  Anything that was not something I used everyday in my beauty routine went on a shelf in the closet in the hallway.  

Okay, so this may be one of my favorite things that I did.  A stick-on magnetic strip adhered to the inside of my drawer to store all my bobby pins on!  How clever is that??  I cannot tell you how many times I have spent 5 minutes or more digging around in the bottom of my drawer and that make-up bag trying to just find a couple of bobby pins.  I know all you ladies out there feel me on that one!

Speaking of that make-up bag, I ditched that for a utensil tray. I picked up this used utensil tray at a yard sale for a quarter.  Frugal and clever. 😉
I also went through my make-up and set aside all of my eye make-up.  I only occasionally wear eye make-up, so I didn’t see any use in having my eyeshadow, eyeliners, and mascara in the utensil tray.  They all went inside a smaller make-up bag that I tucked into one side of the drawer.
And voila!  A clean, organized, and efficient bathroom drawer.  Everything is visually available.  There is no more digging.  No more asking myself, “Hmmmmm… where is that?”
I used another cheap plastic container to store all of my headbands in.  For us gals with shorter hair, headbands are our ponytail holders. 😉

All this organization for less than $2.50!

Next up??
Please feel free to send me your Pinterest organization pins to help me with this one!
I would GREATLY appreciate it! 😉
I hope you enjoyed this guest post from Carrie! I think it was very helpful. I’m going to try and organized my drawers using some of my Birchboxes. I’ve noticed a lot of bloggers turning comments off for their guest posts and so I’m going to give it a try. Please go check out her blog and show her some love, tell her I sent you! 🙂

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