Hello lovely readers! First of all: I would like to thank Emily for having me. Second of all: Hi I’m Rachel! I blog over at lala Lists. I blog a little bit about everything: lists, fashion, my life, nails, books and movies,  jewelry and design, and general ramblings! I am a newish blogger and always looking to meet new people and discover new blogs! When trying to decide to introduce myself to you all, I thought “how better to get to know a lady then by going through her purse?!” I have seen this series a couple of time out in blogland so I thought I would do my own solo version. So without further ado – here is what is inside my summer bag (because of course I have a different bag for each season)!

  1. My makeup bag
    • 4 lip colors – not that I ever use anything then the EOS balms 
    • Some mascara – I have all but invisible eyelashes 🙁
    • Revlon eyeliner in blackberry – I found this shade 5 years ago and buy them in bulk on amazon because it is next to impossible to find in stores
    • Wet nap, clips, elastic, cover up, eyeshadow and brush – for just in case!
    • I usually have whatever nail color I am wearing at the tim tossed in for good measure, but took it out when I cleaned out my polish collection
  2. Umbrella
    • I am working in the city this summer and it rained for the first 3 weeks straight! I tossed it in then and it hasn’t come out since!
  3. Books
    • I am never without at least two books. Sometimes I have a kindle but I like paper so much better! I recently finished the 50 Shades series (blogged about here) and am working my way through all of Suzanne Brockmann’s book. 
  4. Notepads and various notes
    • I am a compulsive list maker so I am never without pads, notebooks, loose-leaf paper, etc.
    • Somehow I always end up with 9 billion loose notes floating around despite the notebooks!
  5. Gum and mints
    • I am like a little old grandma – I always have mints or hard candies in my bag
    • I also keep two types of gum – Stride dark green (don’t know the actual flavor) for me, and some other random “guest gum” for anyone else who wants gum… I don’t share well.
  6. Eyeglass case
    • I never remember to wear my contact but for the off chance that I do, I like to carry my glasses for just in case. Yet as infrequently as I need them, the case is always in my purse #packrat
  7. iPhone
    • Need I say more? I couldn’t function without my phone
  8. iPod
    • I am always paranoid that using my phone for music on the train to work will kill the battery so I am always lugging around my old iPod for just in case
  9. Vera Bradley wallet
    • I am a Vera addict! I love how this wallet can hold everything it has room for tons of cards and lots of other big slots for checkbooks (or in my case more lists and scraps), a clip to attach my keys and even a big slot in the back that can hold my phone
  10. Extra USB cords/earbuds
    • Again with the dead iPhone phobia lol. Bread bag twisty ties save my life from tangled cords!
  11. Keys
    • My keys (with my mustache keychain) and whatever keys I have for pet/house sitting
  12. Pens and Pencils
    • I love the little felt tip marker pens! They just make writing look prettier!
  13. Sunglasses
    • Not that I can ever use them because I usually wear glasses instead of contacts, but just in case….
  14. Vera Bradley pouch
    • I always carry bandaids in here – not because I get injured often, but because I always get blisters from my shoes 🙁
So thats my bag! I am a bit of a pack rat and think that I need everything all the time!! I can’t even comprehend the idea of a smaller bag! I wish I could do it but I just can’t! 
I hope you have liked getting to know a little bit about me, as much as I liked putting this all together for you! So, please, stop by and take a look around! Link-up, leave a comment, learn a little more about me, follow up, and introduce yourself. But most of all enjoy!
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