Disclaimer:: The following post is 50% a joke & 50% serious. Although, if you do know someone who may be perfect for me I wont turn you away!

Most of you probably know that I’ve been single my whole life. I’m fine with being single it’s just sometimes I wonder if guys will thing somethings wrong with be just because I have no experience. I did end up telling a guy through online dating and he stopped talking to me. I even asked for advice on someone’s blog and they completely changed my question to make me seem desperate & pathetic.
So I figured I’d just write a blog post about it and see if any of you know any men that would be perfect for me. 

-Have a Sense of Humor
-Likes to Travel
-Be able to accept my awkwardness
-Will help me become less shy
-Be taller than me (Which is not hard since I’m 5’2″)
Must Not::
-Have long hair
-Be a Catfish – I watch the show & know how make sure he is a real person.

-Is a fellow Psych lover
-He’s Josh Hutcherson
-Can sing
-Works at Dr. Pepper
-Can make Strawberry Gelato just like in Florence

Meet Val from In-Between Life::
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PS. click on the image for her links 😛

Blogging Community you love?
I love the bloggers network I joined a couple months ago, Her Campus Blogger Network. It’s a wonderful community of girl bloggers in my age group that have been a tremendous help with my blog. I’ve also met a lot of great people and other blogs that are similar to mind. I highly recommend joining!
An Item on your Bucket List?
Write and publish my own book before I turn 25!

Another Giveaway::
I think I have an addiction, at least I’m giving to all of you & not keeping everything for myself! 🙂

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