Yes, I know I’ve been absent on my blog again but it’s for a very good reason! And if you can’t tell by the title, I’m currently watching the season premiere of How I Met Your Mother! It’s so good so far, I’m really liking the mother that we’ve been waiting forever to figure out what she looked like. 


Anyways, onto the amazing news! I got a job!!! After getting a rejection letter from one of the places I talked about in my post on the stages of grief I went through for graduation, I started to loose hope which was step five. Then a day after reading the rejection letter I got an email from the Graphics company I mentioned in the same post. I had an interview that Thursday and he told me I could start Monday. 

I really like it so far, I just started my second week today. I’m so happy that I actually got a job in graphic design. I have Wednesdays off so I’m going to start using that as my blogging day to write all my posts for the week! The next post you’ll see is going to be on my bucket list and the book I made fore it! You can get s sneak peek on my Instagram!

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