You seriously have no idea how excited I am! I’ve been waiting for this episode since I heard they were thinking about making a musical one. I usually don’t care is I miss episodes of tv shows when they first air. But when it’s Psych night, don’t even try to make plans with me unless you want to watch the episode alongside me.
Plus it’s also exciting that I’ll be FaceTiming with my Best Friend during the episode. I haven’t video chatted with her since she moved to Arkansas in August! I’ve texted her and chatted with her on Facebook but it’s not the same. We both love Psych! She even spent the night when they had the Psych Slumber Party, even though I was the only one that stayed awake, we had so much fun.
Today I randomly decided to Psych-out my Christmas Tree. I just put the free GetGlue stickers from Psych (most of which were unlocked from the Slumber Party) and made a paper pineapple to use as my star/angel. 

Here’s one of the songs from the musical! I’m really hoping they release a soundtrack, because I need to own it!

Have you ever watched Psych? What TV show do you geek out about?

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