Choosing Images

How to Get the Best Portrait

Portraits will be created how they are in images and not altered in any way. I will create the portrait to show the real you and will not alter body size, nose size, face shape, etc. The only way I will alter images is by removing blemishes on your face or if you would like a different pattern on your clothing (please note in the additional information field on the product).

Please try and provide original high-res versions of the photo. Screenshots or images downloaded from social media have been downsized and usually aren’t clear enough for me to pick out the details. I take pride in making my images as detailed as possible and lo-res images make this harder.

Group and couple images can be one image or separate images for each person. Please note that large groups in a single image as well as people farther away from in a single photo will make it harder to see details in people’s faces and might not be exact.

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