If you read my monthly goals post, then you know I’ve been working on my budget this month as part of the Intentional Life Project! I haven’t been doing too bad, mainly I’ve just been using Mint.com to setup budgets. I did not budget at all before this month so I’ve definitely gotten a lot better. I also have to start paying student loans next month so I’m definitely glad this theme came now. Anyone want to just pay them off for me? Nope… that’s what I thought. The joys of being a real-life adult. 
I stayed within my budgets minus one category. I went over in Movies only because of the Veronica Mars movie (I was so excited when I found out I could watch it online)! My only usual movie expense is Netflix so it kind of makes up for it. I definitely saved if I would have actually gone to see the movie in theaters. I would have had to pay for gas (because it’s only showing in big cities), the ticket and of course popcorn! 
I didn’t end up eating out at all this month which is awesome, definitely not going to happen often. I decided on a $50 budget for my blog every month, probably half will be for ad spaces and the rest for other classes or any other opportunities to help grow my blog. One budget I should probably lower is clothing or at least change it to general shopping and increase it a little.
Have you been working on your budget at all lately?

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