Finding a job is a lot harder than I thought! Everyone keeps telling me that I should just find a regular job and save up until I can get a job in graphic design. I’m not ready to find a regular job! It makes me feel like I’m giving up on my dream job.

While I was applying to places, I was watching YouTube (mostly listening) when I started hearing ShayCarl talk about his definition of “Selling Out.” His definition for selling out is doing something you don’t like for money. It really hit me because so many people have been pressuring to “sell out” and get a job I know I wouldn’t have as much fun doing as I would with graphic design! I know I love creating designs for people and I may be having trouble finding a job but why not just blog and freelance until I find one. I know I’m good at what I do and someday someone is going to notice that and hire me. I just hope it’s sooner rather than later!

Here are the two videos of him talking about “selling out”

You can skip to about 3 minutes for this video!

The videos really inspired me because I love blogging and doing graphic design related things. Why not just do both even if I’m not making much money doing it? I know my mom is just pressuring me because she’s worried and afraid I’ll just be sitting around the computer all day and not getting anything done. I see it as getting my name out there and doing something I love.

Also, yesterday I posted that I am giving away some blog makeovers! Make sure you check it out if you want one! Click here!

What do you think about this? Agree with me?

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