Last month I didn’t put together my list of goals. It was one of those months where I just felt overwhelmed and wasn’t very productive. I took a break last week to get my head back into the blogging world again.

1:: Send a weekly newsletter
I started a newsletter a long time ago but never actually sent any out. I want to have all my posts from the week but I also want to have something else in it, like a list my favorite songs or anything else. I also think it might be fun to include my current Netflix show. I just want it to be more than my most recent posts, I’m going to have the first one send tomorrow so make sure you click on the image below to see whats in it! 

2:: Use my Blog Planner
I have a binder full of things to help keep me organized, but I’m pretty sure I haven’t opened it in months. Over the weekend, I made a couple new organizers including a sponsor sheet to keep track of the benefits & promoting my posts. It’s something I’ve struggled with since I started & I think they will both help me out a lot.  

3:: Figure out Custom Blog Planner ideas 
While I was working on these I had an idea that other bloggers might like having a planner that matches their design. It would come with a few basic things like a calendar, weekly planner, and statistics page. Then I’d have extras that could be added on. Let me know if this is something you’d be interested in!

4:: Keep Improving My Blog Design
If you haven’t noticed I’ve been making a few changes around my blog. Yesterday I added a back to top button. I plan on taking some new pictures of my for my about page and improving a lot of other things too. 

5:: Finish the 4 Blog Designs in my Queue
I have about 4 designs that I need to finish up, I’d really like to finish them all before the end of the month. 

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