One thing I have been wanting to do lately is learn how to crochet. I learn how a long time ago but it was just the chain stitch so I couldn’t actually make it into anything. I’ve been looking on pinterest for ideas for Christmas presents since I have literally no money! While looking through all the diys (I wrote a guest post on By The Porchlight about all the DIYs I’ll be making. It will be up on Thursday if you want to check it out.), I found a whole bunch of cute crocheted things and it has made me want to learn how. So I thought I would share some of the tutorials I’ve found and that I’m going to attempt to make. Hopefully I’ll actually learn how to do it instead of failing miserably lol.

Here is one of the tutorials that is supposed to look like knitting.
Another tutorial that looks like knitting but is probably more complicated!
This one shows you how to make a really cute bow!
This is the picture that made me want to learn to crochet. I have a friend of a friend of a friend that already made one for me but I still want to learn to make one myself lol.
Those are all of the ones I’ve found so far! I’ll make sure I post them as I attempt to make them, even if they are super bad. If you have any tips or anything like that please let me know. 
I know my posts haven’t been the best lately but I am working on making them better! The study abroad office at my school extended the deadline for the Italy trip and we only need one more person! I think we can make it! Ahhhhh! Whenever I think about the fact that I’ll be in Italy for a month I freak out. It has always been my dream to go there and I can’t believe it’s happening so soon. Still nothing with my job yet, but I’ve been applying to different places and I’m working on starting an online shop.

 Ps. I’m also a part of a giveaway on By The Porchlight. You will have the chance to win yet another Art Print and a Large Ad Space. Enter here!

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