1:: Work on Budgeting – I was super excited to see that this month of the Intentional Life Project was budgeting. It’s something I really need to work on! Here are my budget goals for the month with the tracker they put together! 

2:: Get Design Clients – I really want to start getting people to think of me when they are thinking about redoing their blog designs. Plus, I also have to start paying student loans this month and it would be nice to be able have a little extra money to put into my blog. 
I’m also planning on offering 50% off my blog designs in exchange for a review post to get some exposure. Let me know if you are interested or know someone that might be, it won’t start until after my blog design giveaway ends. 

3:: Blog 3 Times at least week – I really want to perfect my blogging schedule even more this month and keep with my planned schedule. I also want the posts to have more thought into them (not that they didn’t before) like planning ahead and stick with the planned posts. 
I want to do more DIYs (which I have 2 planned already), design related (if you want to know something about designing blogs let me know) and more about my life and whats going on. 

4:: Work on Going to Bed Earlier – I’m always in bed by 11pm but I usually end up being on my computer or phone until almost 1am every night. 
5:: Do Something Every Weekend – The last couple months I really haven’t done much on the weekends and I really want to change that. I did make some new friends a couple weekends ago and had a lot of fun (more on that later). Saturday, I went to visit my two cousins and we had fun playing games and watching movies. 
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