February might not seem like I did much work toward my goals, but it’s mainly because of a completely unplanned change of the focus on my blog. Because of these changes, my March goals are mainly focused on making these changes happen! I’m super excited about everything that’s happening and I can’t wait to share everything with you in the next month!

February’s Goals in Review

START EMAIL COURSE FOR OPT-IN – NOPE – Since I switched my focus, the course took a backburner for now until I get everything figured out. See March Goals!

FINALLY, COMPLETE PORTFOLIO PAGE – NOPE – Another one that’s on hold for now until my services launch!

USE THE POMODORO TECHNIQUE – SOMEWHAT – I’ve only slightly used this technique. For me, what seems to work better is completing a bigger task, like writting a post, and then giving myself a longer break which is usually about 20 minutes.

CREATE A TO DO LIST FOR THE DAY – SOMEWHAT – I did create a few lists, but I mainly just crossed them out and added to an existing one.

CELEBRATE GALENTINES DAY – DONE – We had so much fun celebrating, my cousin even picked out spirit dogs for all of us. None of us actually wanted a waffle, but we all split one and got our own meals.

READ 1 BOOK – STARTED – I read close to a half or A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett and since it’s Sunday night that I’m writing this post, I might possibly have time to finish it tomorrow while I’m getting my hair dyed for the first time EVER! We watched A Little Princess quite a few times when we were younger and I’m definitely going to have to watch it again when I finish.

March Goals

LAUNCH NEW SERVICES – I recently decided to change my focus from web design to more graphic design related things. I have been working a lot on the new services and I’m super excited to release them soon! I don’t have an exact date picked out yet, but I want to launch them before the end of the month!

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CREATE A PLAN – Now that I’m changing my focus, I need to create a new plan and strategy for my blog. I also want to make a plan for my job situation, and when I want to (aka can afford) to move out to a bigger city and look for a job there.

STICK TO MY TO DO LISTS – I’m great at making To Do lists, but I’m sometimes terrible at actually completing everything on the list. I need to start making a list before bed or before I go to work in the morning and keep the list with me during the day incase I think of anything else I need to do. I got a little 3×5 Notepad from Rifle Paper Co that I can fit in my purse and carry everywhere.

GO TO BED EARLIER – I’ve been the worst at staying up too late for the last couple months and it’s a habit that I need to break. I end up pretty tired in the morning and get up as late as possible to get to work on time. I’m hoping that once I start sleeping earlier, I’ll be able to wake up and respond to a few emails before I leave.

NEW! INCOME GOAL – Get 2 clients for my new services! Since I’m not sure when I’ll be launching, this one might not happen, but I want to start including income reports and since I’m not making anything yet I’m including a goal instead!


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