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My name is Alli and I blog over at Allena Mistral. I am a blogger, a jewelry designer, a dancer and a chemist. I’m a massive nerd who enjoys web coding when I’m not working on one of the five above. I love life and helping others find motivation in the every day things.

Most Embarassing Moment :: The most embarrassing moment I ever had was probably the first time I had to show my students the new safety video for chem lab. Check out the post here!

Role Model :: Her Dad

Current Favorite Blogger :: Lauren from Life.Love.Lauren

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I’m Sarah I’m twelve years old, All Things Blogs is my blog!
I love my fur baby, family, the bible, God, and life!
Be sure to take a look at my blog!

Random Fact :: I’m actually twelve! Not many people know that 😉

Role Model :: Her Amazing Parents

Current Favorite Blogger :: Colleen From Paisley Blvd

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Hey, I’m Kenzie! I blog over at Life & Lemons where my thoughts, much like my blog, are pretty random. I’m a fitness coach, mom, girlfriend, maid, and friend. I love reading (to say I’m a bit of a book drunkard is an understatement), riding horses, and all things country. Not to mention, I love meeting new people and having fun!

Random Fact :: I sing and dance almost all day long – at work, in the car, cleaning house, walking through the store – it doesn’t matter where I’m at.

Role Model :: Jennifer Lawrence

Current Favorite Blogger :: Whitney from I Wore Yoga Pants, hands down.

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