Oh hey! It’s been a while! There were a few things that were going wrong with my switch to WordPress and my family was coming into town for a couple weeks for my sisters graduation. I decided the best thing to do was just to take a break from blogging and spend my time with them. My grandma was in town for almost 2 weeks and it was so much fun having her here since she lives in North Carolina. My cousin came into town both weekends and we played a ton of card games like we usually do when we get together with that side of the family. After they left, it just took me a while to get the motivation to start blogging again. It doesn’t help that the new season of Orange is the New Black came out and I’ve been binge watching that along with One Tree Hill.

Emily Finta - May & June Favorites

Since I missed my May Favorites post, I decided to combine them for the month because I fell in love with some amazing things (mainly a pretty awesome TV show).

May Favorites

TV Shows

Firefly – I finally watched this whole series and movie and I loved it! I had always started watching it with my cousins but never finished it. Since the weather wasn’t that great for Memorial Weekend we binge watched it while we were there.

Bones – SPOILER ALERT! I missed Sweets, my favorite character on the show, so I decided to rewatch from the beginning. I’ve moved on to another show for now but more on that later.


Most of the songs on this playlist are from concerts I went to in May. The first one I went to was Needtobreathe and then Colony House, Ben Rector & Drew Halcomb & the Neighbors opened for them. I really liked them all but Drew Halcomb was my least favorite although he was still good. Then I went to Walk of the Earth and like I’ve said before they put on the most amazing concerts of all time. They released three new songs in the month of May and I can’t stop listening to them. There are also a couple songs from the guy that opened for them, Scott Helman, as well as some new songs from Rachel Platten (funny thing is, in April I said I wished she would release some new songs) and last but not least a couple songs from Pitch Perfect 2 (Super good, although I wanted more songs from Jesse because his voice is amazing).

Make Up

Jaclyn Hill Favorites Pallette – I’m so happy that I decided to get this palette, it was limited edition and although I have a lot of eyeshadows I knew I’d regret not getting it. I posted the picture on Instagram & I got almost 500 likes on the photo. Every time I looked at my phone there were at least 10 more likes.


Paige Poppe – I’ve been loving all of Paige’s YouTube videos lately. She just completely redid her website and it turned out amazing. I’m in love with all of the art that’s she has for sale & I’m definitely going to have to purchase something at some point. I might even have to have her make me some kind of Italy related art because you really only see Eiffel Towers in stores. Where’s the Duomo? I’ve also been watching a lot of her SnapChat stories which give a behind the scenes of her art projects.

June Favorites

TV Shows

One Tree Hill – I had been wanting to rewatch this show for a while now. Although I didn’t actually watch it when it was on TV (minus a couple episodes of the final season) but I fell in love with the show.


I haven’t gotten obsessed with any new songs but this month I’ve been loving going to Songza and listening to the bedtime playlists as I fall asleep. I usually pick either Acoustic Bedtime or either Today’s Male or Female Singer-Songwriters. I also just found an Acoustic Versions of Pop playlist, which I love acoustic songs so I know I’m going to love that!

Make Up

Emily Finta - June Favorites Colour Pop

Colour Pop – I had been hearing so much about Colour Pop from a ton of YouTubers and bloggers so I decided to give the brand a try and see what all the hype was about. I got both of the products Kathleen Lights created, the Lumiere Lippie Stix & the Where the Light Is Quad. I also got the highlighter in Smokin’ Whistles and I somehow ended up getting the Birthday Girl eyeshadow for free. I’m not exactly sure how that happened, but I think it’s my favorite out of the eyeshadows I got (second favorite – kathleenlights with Morphe Deep Cocoa in the crease). I’ve mainly just been using the shadows on my lid and then using my Jaclyn Hill Favorites palette in the crease. I don’t really have a good brush to use them in my crease so until then I’m just using other shadows.



Ingrid Nilsen – My favorite YouTuber this month is Ingrid Nilsen. I have been watching her videos for the longest time and I’ve always looked up to her but this month she came out on YouTube. Her video was amazing and super inspiring even for people that aren’t gay. It didn’t change how I felt about her in any way, it made me love her even more for her bravery.


Emily Finta - June Favorites StampMy Custom Stamp – It one of Paige Poppe’s SnapChat stories she showed off a custom stamp of her logo and it was something I had been thinking about getting for a while. Kelly was super easy to work with and if you are interested in getting your own custom stamp you can check out her website Hello World Paper Co.

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