FINISH RESUME ALMOST DONE, I made a little bit of progress. I’m going to get some feedback on the content from another blogger and I didn’t want to do too much with the design if the content was going to be changed a lot. 

FINISH BUSINESS CARDS AND START MEDIA KIT – HALFWAY THERE, I’m basically finished with my business cards. I’m still not sure about the front though, trying to decide if I should put a picture. I feel like it’s good for the blog side of things but not necessarily for trying to get a job in design. Maybe I’ll end up with two different versions. I did a lot of research on media kits and looked at a lot of examples to see which ones stood out to me. Let me know what you think, I’m in love with the back! (The lines around the edges are just bleed & cut marks from the moo template.)

WRITE ALL 13 BLOG POSTS FOR THE MONTH – FAIL, I sadly wrote 5/13 blog posts this month! Super disappointed in myself for that one! 

READ THE SECOND VERONICA MARS BOOK – DONE, This one isn’t actually done but it will be by the end of the month if not tonight! 

READ THE #BLISSFULBOOKTALK BOOK – FAIL, I haven’t even started this book yet, but it will be the next book I read. 

HAVE A CLASSIC MOVIE WATCHING PARTY? – IN PLANNING PHASE, I’ll be posting about this on Friday and I might have someone host with me, but I haven’t contacted them about it yet! I think it will be a Twitter party because I’d be too awkward if it were on camera!

HOST A GIRLS NIGHT IN – DONE, Ok, this one isn’t technically done, but I posted about having trouble making friends and someone mentioned doing a weekly Skype chat and it ended up turning into a Virtual Girls Night In FB group. I still want to plan one with my friends in real-life, but I’d consider it a win since I’ll be getting a lot of girl time in because of it! 

SWITCH TO WORDPRESS – This is something I would have told you I’d never do a month ago but lately I’ve been realizing how limited Blogger can be sometimes. I absolutely love Blogger if you are just blogging, but because I’d like to turn it into a business I feel like it’s necessary to turn to WordPress. After getting super frustrated yesterday just trying to make the WordPress blog (it was only hard because I needed a temporary domain since mine is in use & couldn’t get it to work), I finally have all my content transferred and have to start working on the design side. Fingers crossed that the rest goes smoothly!

START LOOKING FOR JOBS – I should get my resume ready pretty early in the month so I can finally start looking for jobs. I’m basically willing to move anywhere as long as the environment is fun and I get to design things I can be passionate about. I’ve always thought that Birchbox looked like and amazing environment to work so I’d love to find something similar (I will apply there if they have openings).

COMPLETE THE 30 DAY THIGH SLIMMING CHALLENGE – I randomly started this today after seeing one of the Blogilates videos in my sub box. I’m terrible at completing 30 day fitness things so I’m hoping if it slowly gets harder I might stick with it. If you want to join me, you can download the calendar!

WEAR MY CONTACTS – I’ve rarely put my contacts in for as long as I can remember. It was just so much easier to throw my glasses on! Now that it’s starting to get sunny, I need my contacts in if I want to wear sunglasses (I have worn both glasses & sunglasses if I’m in my car by myself!). 
If I complete all my goals I will be getting one of Alli Speed’s shirts and possibly one of her posters! The shirt has been on my wishlist since she released it and like I mentioned in my post on my favorite vloggers I really look up to her so I’d love to give her my support.

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