March Recap
1:: Work on Budgeting – I have been using Mint a lot and sorting everything that I’ve spent. It’s helping me keep track of how much unnecessary spending I’ve been doing. I’ve also setup auto pay for my student loans so that I don’t have to worry about forgetting a month.
2:: Get Design Clients – So I might have only gotten one client this month but it’s still a start! Shout out to Jessa for being my first official client, even though it’s not a full design!
3:: Blog 3 Times at least week – I only missed 3 posts (almost one a week) definitely a lot better than before.
4:: Work on Going to Bed Earlier – This one was the only one I completely failed on! I think I went to bed earlier for only 2 nights and then I’ve stayed up past midnight for the rest of the month.
5:: Do Something Every Weekend – I did really well with this goal! The first weekend I went to a little coffee shop with people from my group (If you are in Mid-Michigan and want to make some new friends I can send you the link). I went to see a movie with my cousins, had a pizza night with my sister & dad, and went shopping. Definitely better than just watching Netflix, even though it was tempting.

February’s Goals
1:: Manage my Time Better – Part of me missing blog posts is because of the fact that after I get home from work I just want to watch Netflix and binge watch tv shows. Most of the time Netflix wins (my recent favorite is American Horror Story). I’d love to start managing time so my blog doesn’t fall behind. I might just have to reward myself with Netflix whenever I finish a post. 

2:: Actually go to Bed Earlier – I really need to start going to bed around 11 or 11:30, I wake up still tired everyday before work. I’m hoping going to bed earlier will help me wake up earlier to give me time to promote my posts and other blogging necessities before I need to leave for work.

3:: Work on Promotional Products for my Blog – I started a list of things I want to get made to help my blog. 
Here’s the list: 
-Business Cards – I really need to get some business cards, its something I should have done a long time ago.
-Envelopes & Postage – I’ve always wanted to make some envelopes with my logo on it just to make me stand out.
-Stamp – I need a stamp of my logo, if anyone has a good company that can do it with a lot of detail let me know!
-Postcards & Letterhead – I want to get these done so that I can include them when I participate in Blogger Swaps & giveaways.
-Binder – I’ve been wanting to make a custom binder for my blog schedule to go it to hopefully inspire & remind me to blog!

4:: Start Organizing Room – My room is a complete mess, I’ve attempted organizing it before but it ends up messier because I don’t have enough storage and can’t decide where to put everything! I’m also going to try to pick things to get rid of.

5:: Get a few more Clients I’d like to get 2 more clients for blog design. Last night I randomly decided to setup the different options on Passionfruit so I can keep track of the sales better. If you want to help me with this goal, I’ll love you forever! Check out the pricing here!

6:: Get Halfway through the #1800MinuteChallenge – When the #1800MinuteChallenge was announced and it involved two of my favorite bloggers, Living in Yellow & The Freckled Fox, I knew I had to participate. Since it’s a bunch of bloggers I’m hoping they will keep me motivated! If any of you are participating let me know, I need help with not giving up after a week! 

What are your goals for the month?
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