Emily Finta - Monthly Goals August

Writing this post was pretty interesting, it went fine until I got distracted by One Tree Hill and dinner. Then as I started writing again, the power started going in and out for a half hour and it started hailing. Luckily, it’s back on now and I can finish my post! I did pretty good in July, I might not have completed a lot, but I did work on almost everything.

July’s Goals

IMPLEMENT MY BLOG IDEAS – IN PROGRESS – One of my ideas is in progress, I just need to figure out the date I’m going to post it, it will probably go up at some point this month. For the other idea, I’m looking for some co-hosts and once I get a couple I’ll be making the announcement.
UPDATE MY PAGES – IN PROGRESS – Courtney from The Rulebreakers Club is doing a TKO Summer School course all about copywriting so I decided to sign up because not only will I get my copy written, I have a whole Facebook group to help & give me advice as I work on it.
LAUNCH MY NEWSLETTER – FAIL – I got super excited by other aspects of my blog so once again I didn’t touch this one.
START PROMOTING MYSELF AS A DESIGNER – IN PROGRESS – I started doing a little research on this but I decided to wait to start promoting until I get my pages all sorted out.
BRAINSTORM PASSIVE INCOME IDEAS – DONE – I have a couple ideas for this, I just need to figure out of to implement them.
APPLY TO JOBS – IN PROGRESS – I’m currently working with another blogger that’s helping me write my resume and cover letter so that I can focus on creating a portfolio.
COMPLETE MY CHECKLIST – IN PROGRESS – I got quite a few of these done, but I also keep adding things as I think of them

August Goals

PITCH COLLAB IDEA – I have an idea for a collab with another blogger and right now I’m working on building a relationship with them before I pitch the idea. I’m hoping to pitch the idea by the end of the month.

COMPLETE ONLINE PORTFOLIO – Most of the jobs that I will be applying to need a portfolio in order to apply and hopefully I can get it done so I can apply next month if not before.

COMPLETE PAGES – With Courtney’s course I should be able to get all my pages done by the end of the 4 weeks.

STAY ORGANIZED – There are so many blogging events going on this month and I would love to be able to stay on top of things and participate in them. I’d also love to actually write and publish all my blogs posts for the month and promote them.

DO SOMETHING FUN FOR MY BIRTHDAY – Not sure exactly what I’ll do but I’m hoping that at least one of my friends would want to do something. It is on a Monday (the 17th if you were curious) so I’m not sure what would be going on. Any ideas? I should note that I don’t drink, so a bar wouldn’t be very fun for me.

NO SPENDING – Obviously this won’t include food or gas but I’ve been spending like crazy lately and I definitely need to change that and start saving for moving out soon (before the end of the year). Since my goal is not to spend anything, I will be holding off on my July incentive and getting an online physical trainer sometime in the future.

August Incentive

Okay, this might be a really cheesy incentive but if I complete all my goals I’ll be one step closer to finding a new job and living on my own. Just thinking about it makes me super excited and it’s enough motivation to complete everything!

What are your goals for the month? I love hearing what you want to get done in a month! Did you complete your goals for July?

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