Last Months Goals
1:: Send a weekly newsletter – DONE, I did have a few hiccups that included the same email sending 5 times but I finally got it figured out!
2:: Use my Blog Planner – DONE
3:: Figure out Custom Blog Planner ideas – DONE, I’ll hopefully be launching this soon.
4:: Keep Improving My Blog Design – DONE, Still have a few more things to do but I did quite a bit!
5:: Finish the 4 Blog Designs in my Queue – FAIL! I only got one done!

August Goals
1:: NO Unnecessary Spending – Obviously gas & food don’t count. I canceled all my subscription boxes except Birchbox just because I need one thing to look forward to!
2:: Read a Book – I rarely read books now that I’m working. I just want to take some time this month not on a computer & read a book instead. Even if I just read a chapter a day.
3:: Get the Shop Design updated – I made a shop a while ago & never actually sold anything. The design is terrible so I need to make it awesome!
4:: Get the Blog Designs Done – Since I failed at this last month I need to finish them. I’m usually really good at getting them done quickly but I’ve just been bad at & unorganized lately. 

What are your goals for the month?
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