January Goals:
STOP BLOGGING IN BED – I definitely stayed out of my bed while blogging but I really din’t blog as much as I should have. 
PLAN ALL POSTS FOR FEBRUARY – I definitely have all my posts planned but since I didn’t blog as much this month I’m going to have to move things around a little.
DECIDE WHAT BLOGGING CONFERENCE TO GO TO – SOMEWHAT DONE – I’ve narrowed it down a little but I haven’t picked a specific one. I don’t think I want to go to a huge one like BlogHer because of my social anxiety. I do know I don’t want to go on my own because I’ll be too nervous about pushing myself. I’d love to be able to find someone to go to events with me and help me get out there. If I can’t find anyone, I’m not sure if I’m ready to go by myself. My dream conference would be Alt Summit but it is kind of expensive so I’d have to save up for it.
KEEP MY CLOTHES OFF THE FLOOR – FAIL – I’ve still got a lot of clothes on the floor, it’s definitely better than it was before though.
FIND A NEW PURSE – DONE – This one isn’t technically done but I did find the purse I want to get. Right now Kohl’s just has a buy one get one free sale on purses. I don’t need two purses so I’m waiting for at least 30% off or something. Just checked Kohl’s to show you which on and it’s on sale. I’ll have to buy it once the coupon I have starts! It’s this Chaps Crossbody if you are interested.

February Goals:
DESIGN MY MEDIA KIT AND BUSINESS CARDS – Going to finally get these 2 done this month. I know coming up with the content will be easy with all the posts out there on media kits. The hard part will be deciding ho I want them to look. I tried designing my business cards a while ago but just couldn’t get them to look right. Hopefully I’ll have more luck this month.
BLOG MONDAY/WEDNESDAY/FRIDAY ALL MONTH – I’m going to try and get all my posts or at least most of them done a week ahead of time. I decided not to blog last week just to try and get a head. I don’t have any of my posts done for this week yet unfortunately but they are at least halfway done if not more.
START WORKING ON AN IDEA I’VE HAD FOR A WHILE – I’ve had an idea to go along with my design services so I want to start planning and seeing if the idea will work or not. I don’t want to be too specific incase it doesn’t work!
WORK ON THEMES – I started working on a theme randomly last week and I would love to start selling them on Etsy. 
START PLANNING BLOGGER MEETUP – Right now I’m looking for someone to help me with planning because I’m terrible at approaching companies if we were to make it a bigger event.
UPDATE MY RESUME – If I’m going to start looking for jobs, I need to update my resume. Since I’m a designer I feel like my resume needs to be more than just a word document. 
START AN ONLINE PORTFOLIO – Another thing I need to work on when I’m applying. 
READ 2 OF MY NEW BOOKS – I got 3 books last month and I’m really excited about reading them but can never find the time to read. Most likely the ones I’ll end up reading are The Thousand Dollar Tan Line and #girlboss.

This month I’m including a few incentives for me getting my goals for the month done to see if it helps with getting everything on the list completed. 
IF I COMPLETE EVERYTHING ON THE LIST… I can buy something at Birchbox for myself.
IF I READ 2 BOOKS… I can buy one other book from Amazon (most likely it will be the second Veronica Mars book that just came out)

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