Emily Finta - June Goals

May Goals

MAKE MY WORDPRESS DESIGN LIVE BY JUNE 1ST – DONE – The blog is officially live, although there were a few hiccups. My design isn’t 100% done because I didn’t realize it took 24-48 hours to transfer your domain (you can’t even login while they do this process). I’m going to give myself until next Monday to completely finish the design as well as the pages!
FINISH 30 DAY THIGH SLIMMING CHALLENGE – BASICALLY DONE – There were quite a few days I missed from going different places like a wedding reception and to our cottage for Memorial Day. I’ll be doing the days I missed this week plus a few extra days to make up for it.
HAVE FUN AT CONCERTS – DONE – I mean was there any way to fail at this one? I’ve never been to a concert that was bad! Needtobreathe was amazing and I really loved the opening acts too! I’d loved Ben Rector for a while now and I was super excited when I found out he was going to be there. Colony House had some really good songs too and Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors had a good song, but they weren’t my favorite. Walk Off The Earth once again put on the best concert I’ve ever been to. I would see them in concert every night if it was possible!
READ ROADMAP: THE GET-IT-TOGETHER GUIDE FOR FIGURING OUT WHAT TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE – DONE – I loved this book so much. It made me think a lot and I bookmarked a ton of pages. One of my favorite things they talked about was the idea of noise from the people around you telling to how to live your life. I also loved they had so many successful people from all types of careers and they shared their struggles from before they got to where they are now. It was just refreshing to read about some of the people I’ve heard of didn’t just become successful overnight and had to work hard for where they are now. I’m planning on writing a review about it soon. The book comes with limited access to interview of the people in the book and I want to watch as many as I can before I write the review.
DESIGN MORE – SOMEWHAT DONE – I didn’t do that much designing but I made my little sisters open house invite (can’t believe she’s done with high school) and I did a little design for my blog (you can’t see much as of now).
STICK TO MY SCHEDULE – FAIL – This month was insane so I ended up taking a week of from blogging so I didn’t get too burned out. I have decided to stop putting a time on each item and treat it more as a daily to-do list. That was I don’t stress about getting behind.
WORK ON MY NEWSLETTER – SOMEWHAT DONE – I did a little work on putting together the resources I want to offer as an incentive but most of my time this month went into transferring to WordPress.

May Incentive

I mentioned that I wanted to throw darts at paint filled balloons for my incentive and since I did pretty good with my goals I bought the supplies on Saturday! You’ll probably see some pictures and/or videos on Instagram or Snapchat (eafinta) very soon!

June Goals

START PROMOTING MYSELF AS A DESIGNER – I know I mention that I’m a designer on my blog, but I’ve never really marketed myself as one. I’ll have to do some research first because I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing and possibly get a little help/coaching. If anyone knows any bloggers that offer affordable coaching let me know!
LAUNCH MY NEWSLETTER – This one should be pretty easy, I don’t plan on releasing the resource freebie unless I get to it but I need to redesign it and come up with what I want to do for content of the emails.
READ SAINT ANYTHING & EXTRORDANARY MEANS – I just got 2 new books on Amazon that recently came out and I’m super excited to read them. I need to make sure I set time aside because although I love reading, I rarely do it. The first one is the new Sarah Dessen book, Saint Anything, and although I’m not a teen anymore she’s one of my favorite authors (YA books are usually my favorites). The second one, Extraordinary Means by Robyn Schneider, is the main reason I decided to order the books on Amazon. I couldn’t remember the name of her first book so I looked it up and found out her second book was coming out and I had to get it because I loved the first book so much!
MAKE SNAPCHAT STORIES – I’m super nervous about this one because I CANNOT talk to a camera, but I’m going to try and Snapchat stories with me talking. We just have to see if I can find interesting enough things to talk about.

June Incentive

If I complete my goals, I will get some eye brushes! I’ve been loving my Jaclyn Hill Favorites palette and just eye makeup in general lately and I really need some better brushes!


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