I didn’t do too great with goals for the month of February. Hopefully, this month will be a lot better! I made sure to include some more “fun” goals this month so I should be able to get a few more done!

DESIGN MY MEDIA KIT AND BUSINESS CARDS – IN PROGRESS! – I was getting super frustrated with Illustrator because it kept quitting on me for no reason. I started on the business cards but was too annoyed to start my media kit.
BLOG MONDAY/WEDNESDAY/FRIDAY ALL MONTH – FAIL! – I got 7/12 blog posts done for the month, hopefully, this month I can do better.
START WORKING ON AN IDEA I’VE HAD FOR A WHILE – DONE! – It’s nothing super exciting, but I decided to start offering design consultations/reviews. Basically, I will tell you different ways you can improve your full blog design, then you have two different choices. You can either use that review and adjust your design on your own with my support for 2 weeks or you can get a discount on your design if you decide you don’t want to do it on your own. You can purchase on my pricing page or email me if you have questions!
WORK ON THEMES – FAIL! I didn’t even touch this one!
START PLANNING BLOGGER MEETUP – IN PROGRESS! – I still haven’t found anyone to help with planning. I don’t know if I will be able to do it on my own, I’m just going to keep trying to find someone!
UPDATE MY RESUME – IN PROGRESS! – This one is basically done, I have a few things to adjust and I also want to get a few opinions to see what they think. If you are a resume pro, let me know (Haha, that rhymed)! I’d love your help!
START AN ONLINE PORTFOLIO – FAIL! Another one I didn’t even touch!
READ 2 OF MY NEW BOOKS – HALFWAY DONE! – I read The Thousand Dollar Tanline and started #girlboss but didn’t finish. I did cheat on my incentives though and bought 2 more books. I needed badly wanted the second Veronica Mars book and Tiffany started #BlissfulBookTalk last month and I really wanted to participate this month so I got Looking For Alaska so I can read along!

FINISH RESUME – Time to finalize this one! I really need to stay true to my word of the year which is unforgettable and so far this year has been pretty boring! 
FINISH BUSINESS CARDS AND START MEDIA KIT – Hopefully, Illustrator won’t give me too much trouble so I can get this done. Or I just have to get into the habit of saving every 2 minutes.
WRITE ALL 13 BLOG POSTS FOR THE MONTH – If I blog every Monday/Wednesday/Friday, that’s 13 blog posts I have to write in March. I had planned on getting 2 done today, but its 9pm and I still haven’t started the second one.
READ THE SECOND VERONICA MARS BOOK – After finishing the first book, I am super excited to read the second one. 
READ THE #BLISSFULBOOKTALK BOOK – I’m also really excited to read Looking For Alaska along with Tiffany! I absolutely loved both The Fault in Our Stars & Paper Towns!
HAVE A CLASSIC MOVIE WATCHING PARTY? – There are so many classic movies I’ve never watched so I was thinking it might be fun to watch some with other bloggers. Let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in, I’m thinking the first movie would be Pulp Fiction.
HOST A GIRLS NIGHT IN – I haven’t hung out with anyone in a while and I need to have some fun! It doesn’t even have to be a girls night in, I just want to have some fun!
IF I COMPLETE EVERYTHING THIS MONTH…  I will get this Jaclyn Hills Favorites Palette. I just recently started watching her videos after posting my Beauty YouTubers I Love and she was one of the favorites someone suggested in the comments. I really love her videos and the palette is amazing and super pretty.

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