SWITCH TO WORDPRESS – IN PROGRESS – I finally made some progress on this last week! It’s really not that bad, but it takes some getting used to! The most time-consuming part is going through each post after they transfer and adjusting them. It doesn’t help that some of the images I made when I first started were super crappy!

START LOOKING FOR JOBS – FAIL – I didn’t really do anything with this one. I never heard back about my resume and I didn’t want to find a job I was in love with and have it disappear once my resume is done.

COMPLETE THE 30 DAY THIGH SLIMMING CHALLENGE IN PROGRESS – I stopped doing this one for a while, but I started it up again and I’m on day 10. I did take a before picture so I’ll make sure to post a before & after for next month’s goals.

WEAR MY CONTACTS DONE – I pretty much wore my contacts every day although there are always a few days when you are way too lazy to put them in (even though it only takes a minute).


MAKE MY WORDPRESS DESIGN LIVE BY JUNE 1ST – Now that I’m finally making progress design wise on WordPress I’d love to have it live by June if not sooner.

FINISH 30 DAY THIGH SLIMMING CHALLENGE – Hopefully, I can actually finish the challenge. I love that this one starts out easier and slowly adds more reps every day. I think once I finish this one I’ll find one for love handles!

HAVE FUN AT CONCERTS – This month I’m going to 2 concerts, both of which I’ve heard live before. Tonight, I’m going to see Needtobreathe. They opened for Taylor Swift for her Speak Now tour 4 years ago and I fell in love with their music. Then in 2 weeks (also on a Monday) I’m going to see Walk Off The Earth! I got my sister tickets for her birthday last month. If they are coming to your town you should definitely get tickets! I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun at a concert!

READ ROADMAP: THE GET-IT-TOGETHER GUIDE FOR FIGURING OUT WHAT TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE – I heard of this book through LadieDottie, one of the daily vloggers I watch and it sounded super interesting. I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with my life so I knew it was perfect just from the title. I also found out after I bought it that it gives you limited access to a bunch of interviews they’ve done for the book (some of them include Wanda Sykes & Weird Al). I haven’t entered the code yet because I want to make sure I have a little more time to watch a bunch of them!

DESIGN MORE – I really want to start designing things again! I started working on my little sisters grad card and I just kinda stared at it for a while & had no idea where to start. My job doesn’t have much design work and if there is design they just want something simple.

STICK TO MY SCHEDULE – I’ve been working on getting organized with my blog a lot lately, including a color-coded weekly schedule (You’ll hear more about that in my favorites post on Wednesday!) The weekly schedule has been awesome, but I haven’t been sticking to it very well.

WORK ON MY NEWSLETTER – I really want to start doing a newsletter again, I did a weekly one for a while and it got to be too much so I’m going to go with monthly. I have been planning what I want to include in them and I have an idea for an incentive. This month I want to start designing and creating the content for the incentive



I want to start spending less money so I think the incentive this month will just be a fun craft or something. I’m kinda thinking popping paint-filled balloons like in Princess Diaries would be so much fun!



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