Octobers Goals
1:: Continue Growing with Jamberry – WIN! 
2:: Finish My Rebrand – FAIL! If you can’t tell things are looking a little rough right now. I have no clue what happened, I didn’t even touch the code for the sidebar. If you’re looking for the sidebar, it’s down at the bottom of my content. Anyone know what happened? I’d love you forever!
3:: Plan my New York Trip – FAIL! I didn’t get anything productive done this month.
4:: Figure Out How to Plan Posts & Write Them More in Advance – FAIL! I haven’t blogged for a while so it’s kinda obvious this didn’t happen.
5:: Catch Up on Emails – FAIL! I got through some but not as many as I should have.
November Goals
1:: Complete the Failed October Goals – Since I only completed one thing on my goals list, I’m adding them to this month!
2:: Get Back in the Zone – Now that I’ve taken a break, an even longer one than I planned, I need to start having fun with blogging again & also writing posts I’m proud of again.
3:: Have Fun – I think one reason I haven’t been very inspired is that all I’ve been doing lately is work, blog & sell Jamberry. I need to start hanging out with friends again and trying to make new friends. 

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