I did pretty well last month, I didn’t finish one thing but I at least started working on it! Let hope I can keep this up for October!
September Goals
1:: Finish Paper Towns – DONE! This book was amazing! I ended up staying up until 2:30am reading it a couple days after I wrote the post. It’s been so long that I got that much into a book!
2:: Sell Jamberry Nails & Host 3 parties – DONE! I didn’t host 3 parties but I definitely did a lot better than I thought I would. The team is so amazing a supportive and I can’t wait to learn & grow!
3:: Rebrand my Blog – Somewhat done, I finally got a direction & started changing a few things over but it’s definitely nowhere near done! What do you think of the progress so far?
4:: Get more Organized – DONE! I’m still not 100% organized but is that even possible? My room is a lot better too (even though there is a bunch of clean clothes on the floor right now because I couldn’t find something).
October Goals
1:: Continue Growing with Jamberry – I’m so glad I decided to become a consultant, I was super nervous about it because I had to actually put money into it in order to make money but I’ve already earned everything back in a month!
2:: Finish My Rebrand – I really want to finish everything this month. I would have finished this month but I put all my design clients first because they actually had a real deadline. 
3:: Plan my New York Trip – Since I decided not to go on Blogcation anymore I really want to make my trip to New York happen (hopefully with my blogger friend Isabel)! Especially since I plan on living there & I barely remember my last trip there besides that I loved it!
4:: Figure Out How to Plan Posts & Write Them More in Advance – I’ve been struggling with this a lot lately! The planning isn’t the hard part, it’s actually writing them more than a day ahead of time. 
5:: Catch Up on Emails – If you’ve sent me an email lately & haven’t heard back, I’m sooo behind. This also put me behind with my sponsors too! I need to make sure I get ahead & make it up to my sponsors this last month. It happens sometimes you just have to make sure you admit you messed up.
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