Today, I’m sharing all the bloggers that I love reading. Some of them I’ve been reading for a long time & some are newer discoveries. If you aren’t on this list it doesn’t mean I don’t love you or your blog but I had to stick to 25 to avoid the post turning into a book! 
1:: allisonleighann♥

I met Allison through the HerCampus Blogging Network, she’s a fellow Harry Potter lover and we’ve also recently bonded over Supernatural, her favorite show which is becoming one of my favorites too.
2:: Endless Bliss

I’ve been getting to know Tiffany a lot lately, I found her blog because of Blogcation. We are going to be roommates! I cannot wait to meet her, my other roommates & all the other bloggers. 
3:: Sparkles & Shoes

Kelly basically has the life I wish I had, she lives in New York. All her posts are amazing and you can tell she puts a lot of time into each post.
4:: Something Winnderful

Katie is one of those bloggers that knows what she’s doing when it comes to marketing. I’m in the process of getting a blog consultation done through her and I can’t wait to learn a bunch of ways to improve my blog.
5:: The Freckled Fox

Emily is super pretty & always has the prettiest hairstyle tutorials! I would love it if she could do my hair everyday. 
6:: The Belle Diaries

Isabelle came to one of the Google+ Hangouts I did a long time ago, I believe 2012, and she even stuck around after actually talking to my awkward self. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know her & I’d love to meet her someday.
7:: Sydney Luella

I haven’t been reading Sydney’s blog for long but I’ve been loving reading her blog a lot lately. She’s also going to be living in New York for the summer which makes me super jealous! 
8:: The Grand Adventures of Me

Nina is someone that doesn’t hold back on her blog. She just say things how they are and I really wish I could do that more often!
9:: Two Thirds Hazel

10:: Whispering Sweet Nothings

I’ve been reading Shane’s blog for a while now she’s super inspiring and a blogger & I kinda look up to her even though she’s a year younger than me. I mean she’s moving to Australia right out of college, it’s been a year since I graduated & I’m still living at home. 
11:: Living in Yellow

I’m pretty sure Erin is almost everyones favorite blogger. She’s real, funny and I feel like I don’t even need to say more, I mean you most likely know who she is already.
12:: Lush to Blush

13:: Kylea & Company

Kylea is another one of my Blogcation roommates. She’s pretty awesome. Yes, I’m saying this about all of these bloggers but I’m not lying to you, they all are. She wishes she had her own minion (although who wouldn’t want to) and mustaches.

14:: Peacoats & Plaid

One thing I love about Brie & her blog, whenever she posts something somewhere with a pick I automatically know who shared it by the font or colors. She also shares a bunch of helpful tips, DIYs, and more. 

15:: Becoming Bailey

I can relate so much to a lot of Bailey’s posts. She’s been struggling with dating and I love all her posts on online dating, just because they are things I’ve been through. 
16:: My Little Hea

The last of my 3 Blogcation roommates. I’ve also been loving getting to know her, I probably wouldn’t have found her if it wasn’t for the trip. We’ve got a lot in common & I’m pretty sure I’ll get to know her & my other roommates more that I’ve gotten to know any of my college roommates in the little time we’ll live together. 
I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little about my favorite bloggers & why I love them. Who are some of your favorite bloggers that make you excited whenever they have a new post?

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Disclaimer:: All pictures belong to the bloggers linked about their photos, I borrowed them from their blogs just because when I find a new blogger it’s easier for me to remember them after I see a picture.

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