A Powerful Punch
Last weekend, I went to Target and got the Sonia Kashuk mini nail polish collection called A powerful punch. So I decided to do a nail tutorial only using the four colors. It was 80 degrees today so I set up my little station outside and started painting.
 I didn’t even realize the box the polish came in matched my towel! Haha
First I took Khaki Shorts and painted that onto all of my nails.
Then I cut out a triangle from the scotch tape one for each nail.
(Yes, I have a frog tape dispenser. When I was younger, my favorite animals were frogs. For my birthday & Christmas, all I got were frog things. I think it was from age 8-14 until I finally got sick of frogs!)
 Here is what it looks like after the tape! After it dries completely, carefully peel the tape off.
Then I put the same colors, on the top part of my nail. After that, make sure you put a top coat over so they don’t chip!

And here is my other hand following the same pattern.

If you want to paint you toes with the same colors, just keep the triangles you cut out and put them on your nail how you want them and paint. I didn’t get a picture of my nails when they were done.

Ps. Happy Star Wars Day! 😉

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