Last week, while I was watching Mirror, Mirror with my family I decided to paint my nails. Most of the time I just paint my nails one color but I decided to do something fun since it’s the Forth of July this week.I was going to put this up before the 4th but I ended up not being able to connect to the internet.
Ever since I can remember we have been going up to our cottage for the 4th. We always have so much fun with our cousins, swimming and playing games. Our neighbors told us we could use their internet while we were up there but it ended up not working. I was planning on just blogging quick during the vacation.
Last week I also got some new glasses! I can’t wait to share them with you. I think I’ll wear glasses more often now because I like them so much. I think I also decided to go short with my hair. Then I will donate my hair to locks of love. I really want to go with a combination of the 3 hairstyles so I can style it all three ways.
And as my sister used to say when she was younger, Happy forfulajy!
What did you do for forfulajy?
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