Emily Finta - Never Give Up Playlist

While I continue searching for my dream job, I decided to create a playlist to keep me motivated and share it with you. Filling out application after application can be very daunting, so a fun playlist helps me a lot (at least when I’m not watching Criminal Minds on Netflix). I included a mix of songs that make me happy and songs that motivate me!  I’ve included YouTube videos of some of my favorites along with a Spotify playlist with a ton of other songs (Almost 4 hours worth). You could also listen to this playlist while designing or doing something creative.

1. Sing It All Away – Walk Off the Earth

This is just an upbeat song all about singing all your worries away. You can’t listen to this song and not feel better just like most of the Walk Off the Earth songs (which there a few others included in the playlist).

2. Hooked on a Feeling – Blue Suede

I’d heard this song before Guardians of the Galaxy came out, but the movie just reminded me how much I loved the song. Now whenever I listen to this song, I can’t help but think of the movie and how hot Chris Pratt is. It’s definitely a song that lifts my spirits.

3. Smile & Keep Your Head Up – Us the Duo

I love Us the Duo and this one is just a fun song to listen to. You should always keep your head up because even if you don’t get the job you thought was your dream job, most likely a better job with come your way. It’s definitely a struggle to keep that mindset, but I’m trying to keep it up.

4. The Heart – Needtobreathe

Needtobreathe is super awesome live and I hadn’t heard this song until I saw them perform earlier this year.  I fell in love with this song (along with a lot of others) and I couldn’t resist adding it to my playlist.

5. Today – Williamette Stone

You probably haven’t heard this song unless you’ve watched If I Stay (& you definitely need to watch it), but I loved every song that the band in the movie played. In this scene, they are singing a cover of the Smashing Pumpkins song around the fire and I really loved the version (please note: Chloë Grace Moretz’s head is put on a cello players body).

6. Thinking ‘Bout Something – Hanson

I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve been to 2 Hanson concerts after my 18th birthday. I had liked Mmmbop and This Time Around, but I wasn’t a huge fan when I was younger. They released Shout it Out in 2010 and I decided to listen to it to see what kind of music they were releasing & loved every song. This is another upbeat song that puts me in a better mood.

7. Carry On Wayward Son – Kansas

This song always makes me think of Supernatural and it’s just a fun song to sing along to.

8. Stand By You – Rachel Platten

I’ve been obsessed with all the songs Rachel Platten has been releasing lately. She was playing in a show super close to me and I’m still super sad I wasn’t able to go. This is another single that was just released last month that I can’t stop listening to.

9. Ain’t It Fun – Paramore

I couldn’t not include this one in the playlist since it’s all about being in the real world and I’m going through the struggle of job searching. It’s not normal to go crying to your mama now that you’re on your own (even though I’m still living at home until I find a job).

10. Shake it Off – Taylor Swift

When I get a rejection email, I let myself be sad for a minute and then try to shake it off. All of the rejection emails I’ve gotten so far were places that didn’t give me an interview. I wasn’t able to prove to them why they needed to hire me besides being a resume & cover letter in a stack of a ton of applicants.

Hopefully, you are feeling better now or you just enjoyed some great songs! If you aren’t feeling better yet, try binge watching Psych on Netflix! What songs keep you from giving up?

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