I decided I wanted to share all the shows I’ll be watching at least the premiere episodes of. I even went through all the channels and watched the promos for all the new shows to find the one that sound most interesting to me. This post is going up today because I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday and wasn’t feeling up to writing a post Thursday because I was so nervous.
1. Galavant
Premiere Date Unknown

The only reason I’ll be watching this show is because of Carlton Lassiter aka Timothy Omondson from Psych. I’m a sucker for musicals but I’m not sure if I’d watch it if he wasn’t in it.  

2. Manhattan Love Story
Premieres September 30th @8pm on ABC
Another show I’ll be watching because a Psych star is in it. I absolutely loved Woody Strode aka Kurt Fuller. Watching the promo, it doesn’t sound like the best show ever but I’m going to give it a chance because of him. 

3. Forever
Premieres September 22nd @10pm EST on ABC

I’m still not sure about this one but it’s one that caught my interest more than a lot of the other trailers I watched. 

4. Gracepoint
Premieres October 2nd @9pm EST on FOX

This show looks super interesting. I love mysteries and the only think that would make it better is if David Tennant talked in his British accent instead of an American one. I get that they have to for some roles but why this one? He could have easily just moved to America. 

5. A to Z
Premieres October 2nd @9pm EST on NBC 
I already watched the pilot and I really like it so far. We’ll see if it can keep my interest and if it lasts. I loved Cristin Milioti in the final season of HIMYM so I’d love to see this show become a hit. 

6. How to Get Away With Murder
Premieres September 25th @10pm EST on ABC

I think this one looks the most interesting out of all of them, especially with Gracepoint only being 10 episodes.

Returning shows I’m also excited about:
1. American Horror Story
2. Bates Motel
3. Big Bang Theory
4. Bones
5. Haven!!! Yes in needs exclamation points! It’s becoming one of my all-time favorites. It will never top Psych though.

What are some TV shows you are really excited about?

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