One thing I have been trying to do the last few weeks is to stop drinking pop! I started out last week with only drinking one or less a day but this weekend I started to drink 2 a day. While I was still living in my dorm, I used to drink so much pop! I had bags full of empty cans and they were usually all Dr. Pepper or Pepsi. 
I really want to try to just cut out pop completely and start drinking more water. I’ve always loved water with crushed ice. Non-crushed ice is cool but I really do prefer it crushed. And no, I don’t crush it myself. The refrigerator at our house crushes it for me. 
As of Monday, May 21st, 2012; I will no longer drink any pop and I will start drinking more water! I really think I can do it! The hardest part will we when we go up to our cottage next weekend for Memorial Day with all of our cousins. Whenever we go up there, all any of us drink is pop.
I’ll let you know how it goes and if I start feeling better after a while!
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